April / May 2013

It's May...

Every day gets a little colder in the Southern Hemisphere, a count down keeping us physically aware that the season is changing... again. It seems that there is never a moment to catch one's breath in this fast paced world. A technological default: by making most things easier it has also made every thing faster. Consumed by capacity we willingly let serene beauty pass us by. As the natural world slows down in preparation for winter she provides us with yet another lesson...

From the Ashes favoured

My first solo exhibition took place on 18 April and concluded 1 May 2013.  I am most excited to report that it was a resounding success! On the opening evening we raised R10 500 for the ACT Rhino trust. During the two week show I earned the following compliments: "different", "colourful", "fun" and "irresistible". So far 10 of the 16 pieces on show have sold. Including five original sketches and many prints thereof. This introductory body of work now forms part of my foundation as a South African artist. Thank you to the buyers and every visitor that came to see the collection as a whole. A remarkable event, indeed a rising "From the Ashes".

Local is lekker 

The False Bay Echo and People's Post
published articles about the exhibition. 

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A lot of "firsts" this month

Hermanus Fynart has a launched an art competition along with SANSA (South African National Space Agency). The piece has to be 50 cm round in order to fit into the top of a wine barrel, as the exhibition will be held at a wine cellar. With a diverse theme of "Space and Spaces" and never having worked on a circular form I decided to take up the challenge. My piece, called "No Space", was created in oil on board. Noticeable influence from my previous collection is present and the message clear: "There is no more space for our natural world." Twenty pieces will be chosen by the judges and will be exhibited in June with a first, second and third prize winner. Wish me luck!

Eye test

To draw a life figure must be one of the oldest forms of art and certainly a test of talent. For over a month now I have been attending life drawing sessions. It was over 15 years ago that I last drew life figures and admittedly it has been an uphill battle. As artists we are spoiled by technology. To be able to print what I want to draw, or zoom in on computer screen for the fine detail has made me negligent in a way. This new endeavor has made me question my own abilities and reminded me that even I need to slow down and genuinely observe the subject at hand.

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Naive Art

Henri Rousseau has been a great inspiration to me in recent months. As I try to break away from a "photo finish" style that any camera can capture I find myself among the "naive" painters of old. Born on 21 May 1844, Henri never left his country of birth yet he painted exotic jungles with mysterious animals. Curious creatures creeping through the dense green grass of his mind, captured on canvas. Although a complete new style at the time, critics where unkind and called his work "primitive" and "unformed". The paintings, now priceless, still resonate through the art world. Gracing the walls of the Louvre, his work validates that there is a place for anyone who is convinced that they are a superbly talented artist.

April fooled me

In the chaos of preparing for the exhibition I never did get to share this introduction, but as it carries an uplifting message I decided to bring it to you now: Silly and silent Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin was born on 16 April 1889. Arguably the single most important artist produced by cinema.  From utter poverty and hardship this comedian made his name by playing the fool and transporting his audience to the land of laughs. A similar goal that I had in mind for my exhibition "From the Ashes". Not only are the paintings tightlipped with black and white elements, their presence hope to inspire.  As we celebrated, what would be Charlie's 124th birthday, lets remember to sometimes be taken a fool and chuckle at our own silliness... 

Deziree Smith ~ Moments away from the Opening of my first solo exhibition "From the Ashes"

"Prey the Leopard"



"What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness" Henri Rousseau

Certificate of Authenticity

Each painting sold is accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity.

What Next for Deziree Fine Arts:

Not one being on this planet is more complex than the human being. A multitude or races across the globe with one thing in common, a route. Yes, each and every one of us can be traced back to only four different areas of the dark continent. My goal is to capture the history within each feature in an exhibition attributed to portraiture. A body of work that lingers within us all and that "Belongs to Africa"

This new exhibition will consist of ten paintings, 50 cm by 40 cm, in Oil on Canvas. A body of work that depicts diverse faces of Africa. "Belongs to Africa" will be exhibited in July 2013. Details to follow.