February 2013

February already...

It is clear that this year is waiting for no one. Having only 28 days in common years, February it is the only month that that can pass without having a single full moon. However on the 25th the celestial body will be illuminated in full. So without wasting a single moment, our February Newsletter 2013 awaits you...

From The Ashes
"Long Since Gone"

Crocodile (Crocodylidae) has been around for 240 million years. Caught in a terrible trade their numbers are dwindling and a quarter of the 23 known species extinct. Urged by three lines pointing in her direction to ACT, she (representing humanity) seems oblivious to the delicate state of her domesticated reptile. Having fun and pulling the strings, will man kind realize that we are eliminating an animal that has survived all forms of disasters but will not survive our form of evil...
A personal favorite of mine.

"Off the Edge of the Map"

Leaving the grey jungle of the natural world a vintage airplane (symbolizing civilization) attempts to escape the canvas. However, you will notice that the propellers are motionless, and this human element is not going anywhere. A course is set yet the plane will not escape. The claws of the dark jungle are reaching out perhaps in anger, perhaps in despair. The world is going green yet the devastation continues, pictured here as black and white trees contrasted by the bright green background. Stuck with what we caused, there is no flying the coop. 

Golden retriever Gabby

The latest addition to our "zoo" yet the oldest animal present, is Gabby. She, in actual fact, is my late father's dog. Our home was positively overflowing with animals at the time of his death but we could not leave her out in the cold. There is a different connection with her because she knew my dad. A lingering stare from those big brown eyes often has me wondering, does she know that I am his daughter and does she miss him as well? She has lightened up the past two years of our lives and even though she needs special attention at the age of 13, constantly bumping my easel and causing a minor art mishap, our home would not be the same without this Golden Girl.

The Story of My Life

My art teacher in 1999 gave me my first art history book: "Pierre-Auguste Renoir". She, very wisely explained the connection between my own creations and the history of the world's art. To know arts future you must understand it's past. Much of my success is thanks to her: Thea de Beer.

On 25th of February 1841 Renoir was born in France. Depicting feminine sensually with brilliant balance of color and light

New works


"Tembu Boy"


"Tembu Girl" 

Truly concerned for our Rhinos, a painting depicting this "Docile Dreamer" has been donated by Deziree. This piece will be on "Silent Auction" on the opening night of the upcoming exhibition. Full proceeds will go to the African Conservation Trust (A.C.T.) More information in our March Newsletter 2013.


First Solo Exhibition

To establish a unique style I've created a body of work different from all my known pieces. Colonial elements meet pop art colors. The past and future are captured together on canvas. As I approach the last paintings of the series I note that my style is developing and leading me towards my next collection. But before I go there I am celebrating the 15 paintings 'From The Ashes'. They will be on exhibit from 18 April 2013 till 1 May 2013. Join us for the opening evening with wine and snacks at The Studio Kalk Bay. More information about the exhibition in our March Newsletter. 


he was a leading painter in the development of the Impressionist style. A master of figures and faces. My favorite Renoir is "The Umbrellas". Dominated by sombre blues, he uses rhythm and light to give the viewer a positive feeling regardless of the rain. You can feel the sun on your face as the clouds of dark azure move away.


With much excitement, I am most happy to share with you our first publication. In March 2013 the Good Taste Magazine South Africa has chosen my "Ann Catherine" to grace the cover of their magazine. With a three page interview and more photo's of my work I urge you to pick up a copy. Click on image to read interview on line. 


On the Cover: "Ann Catherine" ~ 1,1 m by 0,8 m ~ Acrylic on Canvas"


Studio Life - Color is Key

Paul Gauguin said: "Colour, what a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams." - I fell into a trap over the past ten years and only recently awoke to this dream that Mr Gauguin is referring to. To establish your own style has many hurdles, some self made and others come in the form of habit. As I was escaping the prison of commercial art, I stumbled over brand new color that I have over looked before. It was the shocking pinks and reds that had me looking for their balance, a subtle silent color. Just looming under detection on the color wheel you will find the shades that create equilibrium in my work. These are the not so "fun" colors and you will find plenty of them on the rack, as they do not really peak anyone's interest. The latest addition to my palette is the humble Raw Umber and the shy Raw Sienna. 


"One must from time to time attempt things that are beyond one's capacity." - Pierre-Auguste Renoir