June 2013

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Belong To Africa - Jabulani

It depends on how full or empty your glass is... but we are officially in the middle of the year. Described by the dictionary, halfway means: 'of an incomplete manner' or 'to half the distance'. Now bearing that in mind I have decided that my year has been half full! Although I would like to have accomplished more, produced more work and singlehandedly saved the rhino from extinction, I am only half way there. So you need not worry about goals and standards just yet. Let us celebrate a Jabulani June! The word means rejoice in Zulu and was made famous by singer PJ Powers in the 1980's. Take a moment to listen to this magical and truly African song!

The Help

This wild beast regularly participates in the preparation of proof sketches. Gimli is the most dangerous member of the family and one is better off to let him be. He must have the word 'companion' confused with 'colleague' and when he 'jumps in' and on top of a sketch I pray that it is not ruined. He really does get what ever he wants when he wants it.. including milk and catnip.

Rhino Orphanage

The silent auction at my previous exhibition was a tremendous success. Thank you to Patrizia Litty who bought the painting for R10500 which was donated to the ACT Rhino Trust.

Another painting from my current collection will be donated for conservation. This time to The Rhino Orphanage in the Limpopo Province. They play a pivotal part of, the now desperate, rhino conservation effort. As more and more mothers are murdered the constant flow of baby rhinos in need is overwhelming. In order to rehabilitate and release the rhinos back into the wild this facility is not open to the public. Rhinos can only be seen on CCTV camera. This makes the task of getting sponsors even more difficult. I urge you to visit their site and witness the selfless work they do: http://therhinoorphanage.co.za/

The Good with the Bad

Congratulations to the winners of the Hermanus Fynart competition. Unfortunately my piece was not chosen. Which brings me to the Good: I decided to auction this piece to you, the highest bidder. Make any price before 15 July and maybe your offer wins. Oil on a circular wooden panel 60 cm round. In the background the African savannah rests on a thin red line. Stealing your eye on the right are bright cheerful map elements swooping your gaze clock wise then abruptly forsakes you on the empty wooden board. Now you find the dissected science illustration of the lioness. On top of the food chain she is chained and starved. This piece is called "No Space". Art should raise debate, keep to current issues and leave you slightly uncomfortable. Email your bid to info@dezireefinearts.co.za. Follow your bid on Deziree Fine Arts Facebook page!

25 % Off all Prints!

I have a basket full of limited edition prints from my previous collection "From the Ashes" that are on sale for the month of June. They are selling at R250 each with free postage with in South Africa. They are in series of 10 and the 'Pink Zebras' a series of 20. Don't miss out! View Work

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"Our Ancestry" - Oil on Canvas - 50 cm by 40

Belong to Africa

Ten paintings and ten sketches representing "Us". Genetic studies and fossil evidence
show that the modern human's evolution took place solely in Africa 200 000 years ago.
My aim: to capture the very essence of mankind, the encoded instinct that lies deep
within and the inescapable sense that we are connected. In oil on canvas and pencil on
paper I challenge you, where are you from? No matter how different you
consider yourself to be... you belong to Africa.
Exhibition details to follow in July Journal
Contact Deziree to arrange private viewing of this collection