March 2013

Lets March on, we have a long way to go...

The Ides of March is best known as the day that Julius Caesar was assassinated. It was on this day, 15 March 44 BC, that he was stabbed to death at a meeting of the senate. Fortunately for us, this month has been more favourable but not without its challenges. In the midst of the first quarter of the year we start to wonder if we will accomplish the goals we set less than 10 weeks ago for 2013. The journey is looking more complicated and time against us, along with the odds... As most of us are not the General of Rome, perhaps we should once more look to the bright side.... starting with colour...

Why PoP  colours?

This question was put to me recently with regard to my latest collection "From The Ashes". These particularly bright colours are new to me too and the answer was not readily available. So, I put some thought into it, and this is my conclusion: fun, happiness, light hearted and sorrow free. Too many paintings represent regret and pain. We are surrounded by it all the time, forever fighting for our delight. Why not have a piece of art that will lure a smile with one glance. A love at first sight that tickles your fancy and entices you to have one more peep... 

Animal inspiration

It has been a difficult yet colourful time preparing for my first solo exhibition next month and therefore I selected this cat to represent "Manic March". Saved from a gutter over ten years ago, Casper's journey began mud smeared and out cold. A warm bath and closer look revealed two unexpected traits; not only was this little boy snow white, but he has complete heterochromia of the eyes. Contrasting characteristics as diverse as the colour of his perception, keeps you on your toes. All guests are warned that unpredictable Casper is best left alone. A nasty bite followed by a hiss or a kind purring kitty awaits you. Perhaps the "wild" remains and the pure fur a facade. This has been the perfect "Casper" month, I am yet to decide if it is blue or green, friendly or unkind...

Upcoming Exhibition

From The Ashes
18 April - 1 May

We are one month away from my very first solo exhibition. A few more regions to conquer and all will be in place. Five of the fifteen pieces that will be on exhibition will be accompanied with their original sketch as well as 10 limited edition prints thereof. The exhibition opens at 18:30 on 18 April and concludes on 1 May 2013. Please join me on the opening evening for a glass of wine with snacks. Alternatively you can visit any day between 10:00 and 17:00 until the exhibition concludes.

Guest Speaker at Opening Night 

Super passionate conservationist, Steve Newman, has agreed to join the opening evening. Not only will this "personal exhibitionist" be talking about the current state of our Rhino, he has agreed to help raise funds for the donated painting, "Docile Dreamer". With or without his attire remains to be seen.... The full proceeds of the silent auction will go to African Conservation Trust's Rhino Fund. 

The African Conservation Trust

(A.C.T.) is a registered charity with tax exemption status and a 13-year history of conservation and environmental work throughout southern Africa. It established the ACT Rhino Fund in early 2011, to help the South African conservation community protect the nation's White and Black rhino populations from the growing scourge of rhino poaching. The ACT Rhino Fund has generated support of R4 million for rhinos so far, and has also been instrumental in the implementation of innovative anti-poaching initiatives. You can find them on Twitter and Facebook or you can help by Donating.  

Silent Auction 

This majestic piece of art is 1,2 m by 1,2 m. Painted in Oil on Canvas depicting the White Rhinoceros face to face with a seated man. The approximate retail value is R16 000. The minimum starting bid is R8,000.00 and the acceptable bidding increments are R500, R1000 and R2000. If you wish to place a bid you may send your name, contact number and amount to Alternatively you can place your bid on the opening night of the exhibition. "Docile Dreamer" will be on display with a bidding sheet. Print your name on the sheet and amount of your bid. The next bidder must offer a higher amount, increasing their bid by the posted acceptable increment amount. When the bidding closes at 21:00 on 18 April 2013 the last person who placed a bid gets the item for the amount of their bid. Card facilities will be available at the venue. Enquiries welcome, please contact Ann at


The Studio Kalk Bay
122 Main Road, Kalk Bay

View map below 

'From The Ashes' will be exhibited at The Studio.  This creative and vibrant space lies in the heart of Kalk Bay, Cape Town. Surrounded by quirky shops and eateries this collection will be well received and inspire a new point view of the fine arts and alter several opinions on the state of our natural world. 

Story of my life

It has been the biggest dream of mine to present my very own creations at my very own exhibition. Works of art that will resonate long after my departure. Symbols and shades confronting the viewer with more questions than answers yet leave them content to have been a part of it. As I continue my preparation for this day next month I realize one thing; you do make your own destiny, you will be remembered for what you changed or left behind and that immortality is available in diverse forms. As the extinction of so many animals creep closer I am elated to be a part of the cause. Someone wise somewhere once said "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything". I hope the best for you this March and may your passion lead you to endless significance. 

It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.
Julius Caesar